The AsterionDB Converged Computing Platform℠

The AsterionDB Converged Computing Platform℠

Do you rely on the Oracle Database? Are you like thousands of others that build mission critical applications and store valuable data in the database? If so, then you appreciate how Oracle excels at protecting your data.

But, you’ve also got data in the file system. What if you could easily move that data into the database, would you do that? If you could design a new architecture where all of your data is kept in one secure, efficient location, would you embrace that technology? Of course. That’s a no-brainer! It’s undoubtedly going to be more secure, easier to maintain and more efficient.

That’s exactly what AsterionDB is. A platform that lets you build applications where all of your data and logic are in one place; safe and secure.

If this is interesting to you we have a lot of great information for you to soak up on our website. We have an easy on-ramp for you and deliver value and features that no other platform can approach!

What Problem Does AsterionDB Solve?
  • Modern software architectures are complex and inefficient, placing too many resources in the middle-tier
  • This leaves assets vulnerable to ransomware and cybersecurity attacks
  • AsterionDB® merges all data and business logic at the data-layer
  • We turn the middle-tier into an elastic, security isolation layer
  • AsterionDB® is a highly efficient environment to build, develop and test secure software architectures at the data-layer
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Why Do I Want To Use AsterionDB?

AsterionDB migrates all of your unstructured data to the Oracle Database and allows you to pivot away from the insecure, legacy file system.  AsterionDB provides a wide array of features and capabilities.  Years of development and refinement have been invested to make the transition easy.  By leveraging the powerful capabilities of the Oracle Database, AsterionDB delivers the following benefits:

The AsterionDB Converged Computing Platform℠

  • Data Governance

    Extend your policies for managing structured data to include all of your unstructured data too. Merge tasks such as backup, recovery, replication, audit & compliance.

  • Data Indexing

    AsterionDB's extensible architecture allows you to analyze and harvest information from any data type.

  • RestAPI Access

    AsterionDB's RestAPI allows you to integrate into any programming language or application environment.

  • Infrastructure Security

    Transform your infrastructure security by leveraging the Oracle Database to protect all of your data and logic.

  • Optical Character Recognition

    Harvest useful information with integrated, secure, OCR capabilities, directly at the data-layer.

  • Get Started for Free!

    Do you want to develop, evaluate, test or use AsterionDB? It is available for free when using Oracle's Always-Free cloud offerings.

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“The ultimate benefit of being part of Oracle for Startups is the opportunity for direct customer introductions and engagements. This is already paying off for AsterionDB,” said Steven Guilford, Founder and CEO/CTO of AsterionDB.

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