AsterionDB Inc.

Manage unstructured and file-based data directly in the database. Increase security, efficiency and data availability. Simplify programming and data management tasks.

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The AsterionDB SecureObject Vault brings full unstructured data management and integration to the Oracle database. 

Turn unstructured data into structured, first-class citizens in the Oracle database.  This allows you to work with all data-types required for an application within one architecture, The Oracle Database!!!

In addition, discover techniques that make it desirable to migrate all business logic to the data-layer.  The efficiency, simplification and security implications are profound and obvious to all that understand and appreciate the capabilities of the Oracle Database.

You will drive efficiency at data-center scale by migrating all data and business logic to the database.  This allows you to streamline and simplify your architectures.  You will accomplish more with fewer machines, MIPS, expense and hassle!!!

AsterionDB is attractive to DBA’s, system architects, programmers and technologists that are looking for new ways to manage, secure and integrate information in a unified manner.

AsterionDB’s technology installs in minutes and is made by and for Oracle developers!!!

Complimentary development/evaluation licenses are available!!!

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System Requirements

The AsterionDB SecureObject Vault relies upon the Oracle Database, version 18 and above. You can use the Autonomous Database, a Container Database or a non-Container Database. All editions of the Oracle database are supported (e.g. Standard, Enterprise, etc). You an also utilize Oracle’s Free-Tier offering for evaluation and development purposes!!!

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace listing provides a mechanism to spin up an instance of the AsterionDB SecureObject Vault within your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. We also support on-premises installations with Docker images that provide all of the requisite components. You just have to hook it up to your database!!!