AsterionDB is a unique, proprietary, and patented converged computing platform solution. Our unique technology solution directly impacts the core functionality of computer systems. Functionally, a computer, stores, retrieves, and executes logic by turning structured and unstructured data into information. AsterionDB’s revolutionary technology affects all three of these core functional aspects and is a technology that replaces the typical legacy hierarchical file system by eliminating the mid-tier and merges all data and logic at the data-layer.

    Through the utilization of the Oracle Database, AsterionDB has achieved what was thought of as impossible or too costly to solve. Our product provides a tangible increase in security, efficiency, economy, and simplification.  This greatly reduces resource utilization, improves enterprise data management, and increases privacy and security at the data-center scale.  We are able to migrate and combine the storage and logic processing of structured and unstructured data to a secure central platform or sphereDB.  This renders other technologies unnecessary allowing organizations to streamline systems and policies and reduce their overall energy footprint.

    AsterionDB Products

    AsterionDB in the Cloud
    AsterionDB is available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. AsterionDB is fully integrated into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). More Detail
    AsterionDB on Premises
    AsterionDB enables easy on-premises adoption through our integration with Docker and GitHub. More Detail
    DbTwig Framework
    DbTwig is a middle-tier RESTAPI framework for Oracle based applications: A result of all of the development work that went into AsterionDB. More Detail
    Support & Training
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    AsterionDB Solutions

    AsterionDB Solutions

    AsterionDB is a horizontally aligned technology. AsterionDB can be used as the basis for a wide variety of solutions. Here is a partial list of things ‘we can do’ with AsterionDB.

    DICOM – Medical Imaging

    AsterionDB supports existing Oracle DICOM users and invites other DICOM users interested in migrating to the Oracle database.

    Google OAuth Integration

    Google’s OAuth service was integrated into AsterionDB in order to enable SMTP support.

    Optical Character Recognition

    AsterionDB can integrate OCR capabilities implemented by the open-source Tesseract OCR project.

    Metadata Extraction

    AsterionDB provides support for FFMpeg. FFMpeg is an open-source multimedia toolkit.

    AsterionDB Benefits


    Unique Patented

    Enables Delivery

    Content Management and
    Delivery as Microservice
    within Oracle Database

    IT Modernization

    Streamlines Operational

    Increased Security

    Malware & Ransomware

    24×7/365 Support

    Full Product Support

    Easy Integration

    Integrates to your applications

    Fewer Expenses

    Reduced Cost
    of Ownership

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    Converged Computing is a concept and methodology for building software applications that focus on placing all data and business logic in a relational database. Converged Computing utilizes relational databases that are capable of supporting unstructured data and allow for business logic to be expressed in stored procedures.
    The AsterionDB Converged Computing Platform (AsterionDB) is a comprehensive set of products, patents and methodologies that materialize a Converged Computing Platform. In the cloud AsterionDB provides PAAS capabilities by relying upon Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure. AsterionDB sits as a PAAS on top of Oracle’s PAAS and IAAS offerings.
    AsterionDB solves the problems introduced by our continued reliance upon the legacy file system.
    Middle-tier technologies centered around the management, availability and security of unstructured data.
    Extensive architecture that is capable of encompassing any aspect of computer software integration. Comprehensive ultra-thin middle-tier software that enables for immediate or gradual migration of logic to the data-layer.
    The digital assets are housed in the safety of the Database and only the document needed in the current context is vended out from this secure conclave. Authorization is controlled from code which resides in the Database and there is no non-database access mechanism to gain access to the content or it’s existence from outside the Database Access Policies.
    From a security perspective, that is true, however, this ties the content to a single application. New applications can be granted access to specific collections of content do not require changes to the existing application, view creation, or grants for the new project. Each enjoys a ubiquitous and common access pattern which is secured within AsterionDB itself.

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