Manage Unstructured Data Merge Logic & Data Build With AsterionDB
Manage Unstructured Data
While it is possible to store unstructured data directly in BLOBs, this locks the information tightly to an application architecture. AsterionDB is an integrated, unifying fabric that enables the sharing of unstructured data among all applications.
Merge Logic & Data
AsterionDB provides a platform and framework to merge all data and logic together in a single architecture. This provides a fundamental efficiency that Oracle and others have seen as being highly valuable. By merging all logic and data within the database, we reduce the amount of code, resources required, effort and cost.
Build With AsterionDB
We provide you with the tools to easily manage unstructured data and merge all logic at the data-layer.

AsterionDB Inc.

AsterionDB is a revolutionary set of technologies that unifies all data types (i.e. structured & unstructured) as well as all business logic within the Oracle database.  This allows us to build a hyper-secure, efficient, resilient and cost-effective software architectures that have no equal.

Computer’s work with two (general) types of information:

  • Structured data – numbers, dates, character strings
  • Unstructured data – documents, images, video, audio etc.

These two data types are, in almost every circumstance, managed using different types of software technology – namely the file system and databases.  This bifurcation and the reliance upon the legacy file system, a 50 year old design (older than DOS – the Disk Operating System), is a fundamental and critical design flaw in how software systems are built today. 

AsterionDB brings forth an architectural basis to combat cyber security threats.  AsterionDB has pioneered the ability to build software architectures that are protected solely by the system DBA password – all other passwords (at an architectural level) having been rendered moot.

Taken as a whole, AsterionDB is key technology that enables the implementation of software systems that are virtually un-hackable.

AsterionDB has bridged this gap and created a market ready product suite that provides a pathway to migrate away from the legacy file system and free users of technology from the limitations imposed by a 50-year-old design.  AsterionDB is horizontal in nature and can be utilized by any technology user.