Corporate History

    AsterionDB has accomplished what no other company has – we have merged the storage of structured and unstructured data and all of the logic required to work on that data within a unified platform – the relational database. We use the Oracle database to store any type of user data file that would otherwise be stored in the file system or a more modern unstructured database.

    What we are able to do is move all of your data files out of the directories and into the database. We then keyword/tag your ‘objects’ allowing you to query and retrieve your data files. Instead of the rather limited ability that exists in the traditional file system you now get a much richer environment to describe your data – making it easier to catalog and retrieve information.

    An all-encompassing architecture that can – at once – manage structured and unstructured data seamlessly while at the same time encapsulate all logic required to operate upon that data.

    The net result is:

    • Incredible simplification of systems
    • Reduced component count
    • Less hardware
    • Increased security
    • Simplified backup and restore procedures
    • Decreased auditing requirements
    • Easier patching
    • Happy programmers (probably the most important thing)
    • Happy administrators (probably the next most important thing)

    What We Do

    We Make Your Data Easy-to-Access

    AsterionDB’s unique patented technology enables content management and delivery as a microservice all from within the Oracle database.

    Eliminates costs risk and complexity in these areas:

    • Enterprise Content Management
    • Content Delivery and Related Streaming Solutions
    • Object Storage

    We provide enhanced ROI from your Oracle technology investment and Open Source initiatives.

    We Make Your Data Secure

    AsterionDB extends the security mechanisms in the Oracle Database to valuable Digital Assets as well as the business logic which controls to data.

    These assets have been traditionally stored in the traditional hierarchical file system. The legacy file systems’ inadequate security is a critical weakness that allows ransomware and malware to infect files.

    AsterionDB exposes only the specific digital assets appropriate for the current active request. Related content is not only protected, it’s existence remains hidden.



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    Tim Robertson

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    Warren Jones

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