AsterionDB Zero Trust Architecture

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learining

AsterionDB provides a unique solution for your Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning integration needs.

Many AI/ML tasks operate on unstructured data.  In addition, the trained models utilized in AI/ML tasks are frequently comprised of unstructured data.

AsterionDB is able to secure all of these valuable unstructured data assets.  In fact, the AI/ML models you develop can represent some of the most valuable IP you have.

AsterionDB is also able to secure the Python scripts that are frequently used to implement AI/ML features.  With AsterionDB, we can store the Python scripts directly in the database and run them, securely, from within our framework.

We bring AI/ML capabilities to the database.  Use PL/SQL to directly implement your AI/ML tasks.  This greatly simplifies the process of identifying and cataloging analyzed information.