The AsterionDB Converged Computing Platform™

    The AsterionDB Converged Computing Platform™ is a comprehensive environment and framework for writing highly secure, efficient, and easily managed software types.  AsterionDB merges all data types and business logic within a powerful platform built upon the Oracle Database.  Through AsterionDB we extend Oracle’s security apparatus to encompass unstructured data and all required business logic.

    The net result is a platform that drives down the total cost of ownership, simplifies programming, streamlines audit and compliance, increases security, and eliminates redundancy.

    AsterionDB provides an enterprise-wide platform for meeting small to large business requirements. As a horizontal technology platform, AsterionDB is appropriate across all leading public and private business sectors.  AsterionDB is a leading technology application provider for meeting your enhanced digital transformation and IT modernization mission requirements.

    AsterionDB in the Cloud

    By leveraging the capabilities of the Oracle Database as a unifying platform, AsterionDB presents essentially the same footprint in the cloud and on-premise.  Simply stated, AsterionDB runs wherever the Oracle Database runs.

    By conjoining all data and logic within the database, major aspects of your applications now become portable between on-premise and cloud environments by simply moving an export file.

    Asterion + Oracle versus Microsoft and Amazon

    Primary Function of Unified Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
    Unify Structured and unstructured content check-mark
    Save and curate check-mark check-mark check-mark
    Add and auto-extract metadata check-mark check-mark
    Serve and stream to users and applications check-mark check-mark(*)
    Microservice with single API check-mark
    Reduce cost, complexity and risk check-mark
    Integrate with Oracle security and compliance check-mark
    Eliminate file directory attack vector check-mark

    (*) Extensive additional services needs e.g. Amazon’s Lambada + Transocoding Service + Dynamo + SNS + Cloudfront

    AsterionDB on Premise

    AsterionDB is available in an on-premise application edition as well. This is enabled through easy on-premise adoption through our integration with Docker and GitHub.

    Our AsterionDB platform has been designed to provide an easy to utilize solution either as a hybrid cloud and or on-premise application.

    DbTwig – Ultra-Thin Middle Tier Framework

    DbTwig is a middle-tier RESTAPI framework for Oracle-based applications.  DbTwig provides the middle-tier framework that we rely upon to deliver a hyper-secure application that places all business logic in the database.