Integration Services

    AsterionDB can help you to integrate the AsterionDB platform and the DbTwig middle-tier framework into your systems architecture. Integration projects can be broad in scope or narrow in focus.

    AsterionDB is a perfect platform to start small with, while still keeping an eye on the ‘bigger picture’ This allows adopting organizations to gain immediate, tangible benefits by integrating AsterionDB into a specific project. The familiarity gained by this initial project gives customers confidence and insight into how AsterionDB can be integrated into companies’ IT operations.

    AsterionDB provides an enterprise-wide platform for meeting small to large business requirements. As a horizontal technology platform, AsterionDB is appropriate across all leading public and private business sectors.  AsterionDB is a leading technology application provider for meeting your enhanced digital transformation and IT modernization mission requirements.

    Database Plugins

    1 . DbPlugin Server – Database Plugin Server

      • The Plugin Server extends the logical capability of relational databases. It makes the database smarter.  Smarter databases can do things that less intelligent databases can’t.
      • The Plugin Server makes it easy for programmers to move logic from the middle-tier to the data-layer
      • The Plugin Server is available for license separately from the Vault. This allows AsterionDB to support users that need specific functionality that does not require the Vault.

    2 . DbObscura – Database File System Gateway

      • DbObscura allows for an unstructured data object in the database to access as it were a file.
      • DbObscura makes it easy to take existing programs and adapt them to new AsterionDB.
      • DbObscura is not available for license separately from the Vault.

    3 . DbStreamer – Database Streaming Server

    • DbPlDbStreamer enables web-based access to unstructured data objects in the database.
    • DbStreamer streams unstructured data such as audio, video, images, PDFs, archive files, etc. to a browser.
    • DbStreamer is not available for license separately from the Vault.
    dbTwig Diagram