AsterionDB provides the backbone that unifies data and business logic at the data-layer.  Through our unique application, we have solved the conundrum of how to store structured data (i.e. numbers, dates, character strings) and unstructured data (i.e. images documents, PDFs) together in one place. Additionally, we enhance the architecture to allow the incorporation of all business logic.

    We provide public and private sector application solutions for medical, finance, security, logistics, federal and state, and local government.

    Some of these include:

    AsterionDB Solutions

    DICOM-Medical Imaging

    Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is the standard for the communication and management of medical imagery and related data.  DICOM is most commonly utilized for storing and transmitting medical images enabling the integration of medical imaging devices (i.e. scanners, servers, workstation, and network hardware) from multiple manufacturers. It is used extensively by commercial, federal, DoD, and state health care organizations.

    Oracle has recently announced its de-support for DICOM images in the database.   This was driven by Oracle’s overarching need to adapt their key technology-the database-to modern, cloud-based technology.

    AsterionDB is an extension to the Oracle database, providing all of the required features and capabilities needed to restore support for DICOM images in the database.  We do this in the exact manner recommended by Oracle.

    AsterionDB replaces the de-supported DiCOM capabilities in the database providing a streamlined, easily managed process that allows for the DICOM data to remain on-premises or move to the cloud as desired by the organization.  Additionally, we provide a roadmap to future enhancements that are more aligned with modern trends and technologies.

    AsterionDB provides an enterprise-wide platform for meeting small to large business requirements. As a horizontal technology platform, AsterionDB is appropriate across all leading public and private business sectors.  AsterionDB is a leading technology application provider for meeting your enhanced digital transformation and IT modernization mission requirements.

    Medical Imaging
    Oracle DICOM

    Outbound SMTP Email Support

    AsterionDB is integrated with Google’s Gmail service. This allows the AsterionDB platform to send invitations, notifications, password reset instructions, and so forth.
    AsterionDB’s Email architecture is available by extension to applications that are integrated into the AsterionDB Converged Computing Platform.

    This allows the extension of outbound email capabilities in order to support the specific requirements of your application.

    Other SMTP Email service providers can be supported as well.


    Google OAuth Integration

    OAuth is an internet technology used by many companies (e.g. Google, Amazon, Facebook) to grant applications access to cloud services such as email, object storage, profile information etc.

    The AsterionDB OAuth Database Plugin makes it easy to integrate OAuth capabilities into your applications. Through functions available in PL/SQL, programmers can grant access to specific scopes that define and regulate the authorized capabilities.

    AsterionDB uses this capability internally to enable integration to Google’s SMTP Email Server.

    Optical Character Recognition

    Mining unstructured data for useful information is one of the most valuable benefits of directly managing digital assets. A familiar example of this is scanning a document with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. For example, you may have scanned documents with useful information that you would like to incorporate into your application. With AsterionDB’s advanced architecture, we can provide a database plugin to any popular OCR software that will allow you to extract the information you desire.

    OCR functions will allow you to harvest specific information from scanned forms and it can also allow you to evaluate scanned documents for particular words of interest.

    As with all of AsterionDB’s plugin-based products, you will be able to directly incorporate OCR functions within your PL/SQL code in the database. This allows the creation of service-based applications that can satisfy the OCR requirements of any client application.


    Metadata Extraction

    Today’s applications frequently have requirements to integrate unstructured and big data. Often, this data is managed by extracting metadata, data that describes data, from the unstructured digital assets.  This allows for easy searching indexing, cataloging, etc.

    Problems can arise when one considers the burdensome task of managing, securing, and synchronizing metadata and the original source data.  This problem is only compounded by the fact that the metadata and the original source is often stored in different systems.

    With AsterionDB’s advanced capabilities, not only can we directly integrate any metadata extraction logic but we also conjoin the storage of metadata and the information it references – all within a unified, advanced Oracle data-type.  This ensures that the metadata and the data it refers to always travel together!