The NoFS Initiative by Tim Robertson, V.P. of Technology

CIO Magazine Article

The contemporary file system’s organization traces its roots back to the early days of electronic computing, organized similar to the physical filing system it was intended to replace. The physical location of a file is a leaf in a hierarchical tree structure. Security is applied at the level of the container and enforced, typically, through the honor system.

Ingesting Content From Object Storage

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What do you do when you have a bunch of content in an archive file that you need to ingest into AsterionDB? Simple, just unpack the archive file into AsterionDB’s drop directory!

This short video shows you how easy it is to ingest content directly into AsterionDB. One of the useful features in AsterionDB is our ‘drop directory’. Any file that you copy to the drop directory gets ingested directly into the database. We even capture metadata such as the full pathname, creation date etc.

Using a Scanner with AsterionDB

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AsterionDB was recently asked by a technology partner to investigate adding AI/ML capabilities into our product.

This short video provides some insight into how AsterionDB can be leveraged in your AI/ML environment.

With AsterionDB, we can secure your entire AI/ML workflow and all the assets that are worked upon.

Steve Guilford, CEO of AsterionDB Quoted in CIO Magazine

“Evolve and adapt or die. It’s that simple. Your legacy applications and IT infrastructure will not be easily retrofitted to match today’s security requirements,” he said. “Having a unified approach to IT asset management and security for both cloud and on-premises systems is where you need to be headed.”

Steve Guilford, CEO of AsterionDB Quoted in CIO Magazine

According to Steve Guilford (LinkedIn: Steven Guilford), CEO of AsterionDB, “Offloading network and security services to a dedicated DPU has distinct advantages in the AsterionDB architecture. We turn middle-tier devices into elastic security isolation components that focus specifically on networking requirements without any concern for data or business logic. This allows for the implementation of a generic API interface to centralized resources in the AsterionDB architecture. Generic APIs typically reveal a single entry-point. This single entry point thusly does not reveal any information to an infiltrator, which obviously greatly enhances security.”

Steve Guilford, CEO of AsterionDB Quoted in CIO Magazine

CIO Magazine Article

A cloud-first approach “allows companies to focus on the business dynamics that dictate when and by how much enterprise applications need to scale,” says Steve Guilford, CEO of AsterionDB. “What could be worse than to plan for an event that requires the scaling of an application’s infrastructure only to have it all fall flat on its face when the time comes?”

Developer’s Blog Post – May 2022

Setting up Object Storage Buckets

Have you ever considered what you could do if you were able to directly control the infrastructure surrounding your application? Well, with OCI you can do just that directly from the database. That means, application logic embedded within your database can tailor the contours of it’s supporting infrastructure.

The Modern Mainframe Architecture – Chapter 6


Thank you for staying the course through the preceding five chapters. After the first chapter I did not know that this series would materialize into six distinct chapters but, here we are! Thanks again.

At the end of chapter five we arrived at a true inflection point: the realization that it is possible to build an architecture and an API that reduced network discovery down to a single point.

AsterionDB Featured in Oracle For Startups Webinar

Oracle recently held a customer facing webinar featuring cyber security oriented members of the Oracle for Startups program. Watch this brief video segment where Steve Guilford, AsterionDB’s CEO, talks about the unique capabilities of AsterionDB, The Converged Computing Platform.