Introducing AsterionDB

Introducing AsterionDB

Steve Guilford, Founder and CEO of AsterionDB, provides a short introduction to AsterionDB.

No Passwords

No Passwords - AsterionDB

Oracle recently announced a feature in the upcoming Oracle Database that addresses the operational burden associated with changing passwords in the middle tier. This technology white paper compares Oracle’s Gradual Password Rollover feature and the AsterionDB architecture.

Secure Everything

Secure Everything Poster - AsterionDB

Tim Robertson, V.P. of Technology, provides a brief, animated video introducing the basic security posture incorporated into AsterionDB – migrating middle-tier assets to the database.

Interview By Scott Charter

Interview - AsterionDB

Steve Guilford, CEO of AsterionDB, was recently interviewed by Scott Charter, Dir. Business Development, IaaS, Oracle Corporation. They talked about some of the security implications of AsterionDB.

AsterionDB Partners With CHAMPS

The Center for Health Affairs Partners with AsterionDB to Offer Members a More Resilient & Secure Healthcare Network Enterprise