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AsterionDB Developer's Blog - May 11, 2022

Setting up Object Storage Buckets

Control Infrastructure From Your Application – Cutting Edge Stuff with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Hello friends, a quick blog post from the development labs here at AsterionDB to show you some of the cutting edge things we’re working on.

Have you ever considered what you could do if you were able to directly control the infrastructure surrounding your application? Well, with OCI you can do just that directly from the database. That means, application logic embedded within your database can tailor the contours of it’s supporting infrastructure.

In the screen shot above, you can see how we setup Object Storage buckets to offload blob storage in the database. What this allows us to do with AsterionDB is keep a certain amount of data ‘live’ in the database but track a virtually unlimited amount of data that is kept in object/archive storage. We can then wink the data back into the database when needed.

This is implemented through the use of Oracle’s PL/SQL SDK for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You can find the documentation here.

We’re very excited for what this can for users of AsterionDB on Autonomous in the cloud. One of the biggest issues with Object Storage is sorting out how you’re going to keep track of where things are, what bucket you’re using etc. etc. A big headache!

With AsterionDB, you get a built in mechanism for organizing any amount of unstructured data directly in the database with the added ability to offload seldom used data directly to object storage in a clean, easily used manner.