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Ingesting Content From Object Storage

What do you do when you have a bunch of content in an archive file that you need to ingest into AsterionDB? Simple, just unpack the archive file into AsterionDB’s drop directory!

This short video shows you how easy it is to ingest content directly into AsterionDB. One of the useful features in AsterionDB is our ‘drop directory’. Any file that you copy to the drop directory gets ingested directly into the database. We even capture metadata such as the full pathname, creation date etc.

For those of you that are power users and need the TL;DR, here it is:

  • Enable the DbObscura drop-directory gateway
  • Use the ‘wget’ and ‘tar’ commands to dump files into the drop directory.
Here’s an example of the ‘wget | tar’ command string:

‘wget -O – https://url-to-an-archive-file | tar -xzvf -‘