Merge Logic & Data

AsterionDB provides a platform and framework to merge all data and logic together in a single architecture. This provides a fundamental efficiency that Oracle and others have seen as being highly valuable. By merging all logic and data within the database, we reduce the amount of code, resources required, effort and cost. In addition, unification at the data-layer extends security to all of the business logic.

While it is possible to store unstructured data directly in BLOBs, this locks the information tightly to an application architecture. AsterionDB is an integrated, unifying fabric that enables the sharing of unstructured data among all applications.

With AsterionDB, developers are able to work with unstructured data as if it was just another data type. No longer does this valuable information have to be bifurcated from associated meta data.

The seamless marriage of all data types has profound and tangible benefits throughout the design, development, operation and maintenance of software systems. Those that adopt AsterionDB will see concrete savings and a reduction of Total Cost of Ownership