Manage unstructured and file-based data directly in the database. Increase security, efficiency and data availability. Simplify programming, audit, compliance and data management tasks.

AsterionDB is an add-on to the Oracle Database that provides turn-key support for unstructured data.

We turn unstructured data into first-class citizens in the Oracle database.  Structured and unstructured data now reside together in the same database.  This allows you to work with all data-types required for an application within one architecture, The Oracle Database!!!

In addition, our techniques, which you are encouraged to adopt, make it desirable to migrate all business logic to the data-layer.  The efficiency, simplification and security implications are profound and obvious to all that understand and appreciate the capabilities of the Oracle Database.

We drive efficency at data-center scale by migrating all data and business logic to the database.  This allows you to streamline and simplify your architectures.  You will accomplish more with fewer machines, MIPS, expense and hassle!!!

AsterionDB is attractive to DBA’s, system architects, programmers and technologists that are looking for new ways to manage, secure and integrate information in a unified manner.

Your application does not have to be Oracle based.  You can interface to AsterionDB using our REST API.  If your application is built using Oracle technology then you have a choice of interfacing via the REST API or directly to the underlying PL/SQL Packages.

AsterionDB’s technology installs in minutes and is made for Oracle developers.  The AsterionDB framework has a micro-services architecture, is elastic and easily deployed.

AsterionDB in the Cloud

AsterionDB is available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. AsterionDB is fully integrated into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). AsterionDB’s cloud technology provides best-of-class unstructured data management capabilities.

AsterionDB has an ‘Always Free’ edition.  This version is provided as a complement to the Oracle’s Autonomous Always Free Database Offerings.  It remains at no cost so long as it is installed in a non-upgraded Always Free ATP or ADW instance and under the same conditions, limitations and restrictions imposed by Oracle for their Always Free Autonomous Database offering. 

AsterionDB’s Always Free edition is ideal for development and demonstration purposes.

You can find more information on AsterionDB on OCI here:

AsterionDB on Premises

AsterionDB has the same basic footprint in on premises installations. AsterionDB enables easy on premises adoption through our integration with Docker and GitHub.

AsterionDB takes pride in providing a solution you can rely upon in hybrid cloud/on-premises installations.

DbTwig Middle-Tier Framework

DbTwig is a middle-tier RESTAPI framework for Oracle based applications. DbTwig came about as a result of all of the development work that went into AsterionDB. DbTwig provides the middle-tier framework that we rely upon to deliver a hyper-secure application that places all business logic in the database.

You can incorporate DbTwig into your application design and architecture. DbTwig is comprised of a middle-tier listener and a package in the database. The listener forward requests from the client layer to the data layer and returns data back to the client layer. The DbTwig package in the database delegates the client requests to the appropriate business logic in your application.

DbTwig is an open-source project hosted on GitHub. You can find more information here: